Road Safety Consultation

You may recall that some time ago Councillor Matthew Hale and a group of interested parishioners conducted research into the traffic issues faced by residents within the parish.  Their research concluded that the priority was to increase pedestrian safety, speeding vehicles came second and parking spaces third.

They also proposed measures to alleviate some of the problems.  These were presented to Hertfordshire Highways and, with the help of County Councillor Steve Jarvis, a report was commissioned into the feasibility and costs of these suggestions.

Many of the proposals will be extremely expensive to implement and go way beyond anything that the Parish Council could afford, but there is a possibility that we could obtain funding through what is known as Section 106 money as a result of some of the development that is likely to occur on the edge of Great Ashby.  However, before that, we need to know what you think about these proposals.

You can obtain a copy of the report by clicking on this link: Weston-Road-Safety-ProposalsAlternatively, a few hard copies of the report will be available from Monty and Madhu in the village shop, or email if you are having difficulty obtaining a copy.

Once you have studied the report, please let us know your thoughts by the end of July by either emailing or writing to Weston Parish Council, Darnalls Hall, Weston, SG4 7AL.