Our very own Weston villager, Hilary, is a butterfly expert with a wealth of knowledge on many species and habitats. She has kindly written a fascinating insight into the habits of butterflies and what to look out for in our local surroundings.

There is even a beautiful wooden jigsaw you can now purchase directly from Hilary (image below):


If you would like to hold of one of these wonderful jigsaw’s made by Wentworth Puzzles for just £15 please contact Hilary:


01462 790586 or text 07450 699 389

The Butterflies of Weston: 

“We’re so lucky in Weston to be surrounded by beautiful, varied countryside with a myriad of footpaths. (Long may it stay that way….)

The mixed habitats of woods, lakes and grass parkland for grazing cattle and arable fields provide important diversity which benefits wildlife .

 I became interested in butterflies when I first noticed an orange insect which was holding its forewings at a strange angle in Mrs. Hughson’s meadow in 2008. I looked it up and discovered it was a large skipper…

 butterfly 1

After that I just started noticing more and more butterflies and by the end of 2009 I had photos of the amazing total of 18 different species! So I made a collage from my pics and had it turned into jigsaws which I sold in aid of Butterfly Conservation.

I became enthusiastic enough to go on a specialist butterfly holiday in Bulgaria, led by an expert and this was fantastic – seeing around 100 species in a week, many of which are not found in England where there are only around 59.

 Since then I have become ever more observant and knowledgeable with a new dimension added to my life. It’s thrilling to see the first butterfly in spring , indeed the first of each species as it emerges during the year.

 So, how about ordering a “Butterflies of Weston” Jigsaw to remind you of the                     wonderful summer of 2018?!”

Butterfly ID chart (a)