One of our Parish Councillors has spent some time with Openreach to get some further clarification on the issues with internet connection in Weston. Please see below update:

Dear All,

I have met with the Chief Openreach Engineer for this area for 3 hours to go through all issues regarding the internet in Weston.

He has assured me that the system is working very well now and that they have fixed all the connection issues. I mentioned the issue at Munts Meadow to him a few months ago and he admitted that there was a connection fault running to the top of the road – but he has guaranteed me that this is now fixed.

We did a line speed check at my house in The Snipe, and he spent an hour on phone getting through to the right department at BT (ironic I know) to check that the system was maximally set up. Since then we have had excellent internet and those I have spoken to in the village are reporting no problems.

Saying that, we did still have intermittent drop out a few months ago, despite the system saying that the line was good. I questioned him on this and it appears that it is something to do with ‘hot boxing’. Basically, BT run the exchange and lines in the village. Whoever you sign up with, your system will still run through BT lines in Weston. The issue is how many ports or lines your company hires in the system. If it hires 100 but 200 are using it, this can lead to intermittent drop out. The only solution to this is to record the time and date of drop out, and I then suggest emailing this to your provider, rather than ringing them. This way, you can claim compensation if the problem continues, as you have a record of the limited service.

We followed the engineers advice and rang our provider (John Lewis) saying that we wanted fibre for our existing service. They complied immediately and our line speeds are now excellent for download and upload. However, if you are still having issues, can I suggest a few helpful pointers:

  1. Install Speedsmart on your phone. It is free and will give you a reading for your wireless signal
  2. Companies will sometimes try and tell you that your wireless signal is poor due to interference within your house. Don’t settle for this answer. Plug an Ethernet wire from the back of your router directly into your computer. If you still have problems you know your line is not working properly.
  3. Contact your provider directly (I suggest via email) and provide them with times and dates of drop-out. Make it clear that you expect this resolved quickly, as you are paying for the service.
  4. Ask your provider to give you ‘fibre’ for the same price as you are paying. The fibre only runs from the exchange to the box outside – but it makes a massive difference in line speeds. If you now use internet for your TV and music, it is a must.
  5. If you have any further problems contact me with the following information
  • Nature of problem
  • Times and dates
  • What answer you got from your provider

All the best

Wayne Dumpleton

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