NHDC have made a number of modifications to the Local Plan as a result of the public examination last year.
Weston Parish Council are disappointed that the examination made little significant differences to the plan and ignored the majority of comments made by Weston PC.

In summary, the site in Weston (WE1) remains as 40 proposed homes and both sites at Great Ashby, GA1 and GA2 remain at their proposed size. Weston PC is concerned that the schools planned for GA2 are now proposed at the nearest point to Weston and that this could mean an access will be made from GA2 onto Weston Road. The principle access to GA1 is already planned as an open crossing on the Weston Road. The combined effect of these two sites could have a major impact on Weston traffic volumes. The plan omits any traffic impact assessments for the Weston Road although it does specify them for Back Lane into Graveley. The PC have requested this is included.

The Local Plan with Main Modifications is available by searching: NHCD Local Plan Main Modifications. The closure date for responses is 14th February 2019

The full PC response follows:

Weston Parish Council’s comments are in the order of the Main Modification Schedule November 2018.
MM057 p60 after para 4.174 The list of items to be included in the Master Plans should include the proposed routes to be used by construction traffic to and from the sites for all of the construction phases.

MM075 p69 SP18 Item x should include a traffic assessment for Weston Road and the effect of increased traffic both within Weston village centre and at the junction of Hitchin Road/Lannock Hill with the B197. It is this Council’s view that the impact on Weston Road will be as great, if not greater than that on Back Lane.

MM079 p70 After Para 4.214. Weston Road should be included with Back lane in the second paragraph of this modification.
MM237 p156 Policy GA1. The Transport Assessment (bullet 5) to include Weston Road as well in addition to back Lane.

MM240 p157 para 13.100. To add concerns of traffic increases on Weston Road and in the village of Weston. See also MM075 above. This site in particular causes great concern to the residents of Weston as the site has direct access onto Weston Road and the current heavy congestion on all routes to and from Stevenage and Great Ashby and at junction 8 of the A1(M) during peak times will make ‘rat running’ through Weston an attractive option. MM075 p69 SP18 Item c. Weston PC object the land for educational purposes being specifically located at the north of GA2. If the plan is to minimise traffic movements and to minimise walking distances then the school sites should be located in the centre of the site or nearer Mendip way if it is to service the wider area of Great Ashby and GA1.

MM078 p70 Para 4.214. Weston PC objects to the reservation of additional land outside the boundary of GA2 for school recreational grounds. This land should be within the current boundaries of GA2 as it would create an additional open space for recreational purposes until its use as a school facility.

MM363 p212 Policy WE1. The strengthening of the western hedgerow is supported.

Tim Moody
Chairman Weston Parish Council

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